ICANN locks down at-risk Registerfly domains

ICANN locks down at-risk Registerfly domainsICANN planned to sue Registerfly.com on 6 March according to Computer Business Review Online, “saying the company is putting its customers’ estimated 2 million domain names at risk.” The article notes “in an unprecedented move, ICANN has persuaded the four major generic top-level domain registries to lock down all Registerfly’s customers’ domains for a month, so they cannot expire and then be hijacked by speculators or domain traffic monetization firms.” With a letter to Registerfly last Friday from ICANN noting “Registerfly is refusing to hand over data about its customers’ domains, as required by its registrar accreditation agreement, and that it will enforce the contract in court by filing suit on Tuesday.” The article also notes that as ICANN has not been able to get its hands on the registration data, they have got VeriSign, NeuStar and Afilias “to lock all pending-expiration Registerfly domains into a ‘Server-Delete-Prohibited’ status.”


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