ICANN Lisbon: ICANN ready to shut up and move on

ICANN Lisbon: ICANN ready to shut up and move on
ICANN, the de facto determinant of much that occurs on the internet, will wrap up its triennial meeting tomorrow with an unusual open board meeting on the controversial .xxx gTLD. The week has been a mixed bag – the unveiling of a new, more user-friendly ICANN website has been one of the nicest surprises, although the news that ICANN was itself subject to a lawsuit arising out of the seemingly never-ending RegisterFly disaster deflated what was an optimistic beginning to a long week. Ongoing arguments by the representatives of intellectual property owners (i.e., intellectual property attorneys) provided a nonstop subtext to just about every meeting attended by yours truly. The article addresses the main topics for meetings attended – IDNs (superficially uncontroversial but subtly troubling to all involved); and the Whois database (proposed changes to the registry are problematic inasmuch as there is little middle ground between the opposing parties – Europeans and Americans).

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