ICANN Launches Contractual Compliance Newsletter

ICANN launched the Contractual Compliance Newsletter, a newsletter that offers a snapshot of the wide range of compliance work being done by ICANN.Each issue of the newsletter will cover enforcement statistics, an in-depth look at part of the compliance process, information about audits and studies, and upcoming events. The Newsletter will also include new advisories for registries and registrars to help them understand and continue to improve their compliance with ICANN contracts.In recent feedback on ICANN’s performance under the Joint Project Agreement with the US National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration, there was input about ICANN¹s work on Whois accuracy, and that compliance needed to be better understood. ICANN’s goal is that this newsletter will be an important way to address these concerns and continue community dialogue about how to improve contractual compliance.The first issue of the Newsletter explains why and how ICANN does contract compliance with our contracted parties; gTLD registries and registrars. It also includes statistics on the consumer complaints ICANN receives and on enforcement notices we send out. This issues section on studies and audits includes an update on the Whois Data Accuracy Study, the Registrar Whois Data Inaccuracy Audit and the Performance Specifications Audit of Registries.Please send your comments about the newsletter and any topics you would like to see covered in it to compliance@icann.org.To subscribe to this Digest, simply click on the link below and provide the requested information:
icann.org/newsletterFor more information about ICANN’s Contractual Compliance Program, please visit icann.org/compliance.For more information about ICANN’s Joint Project Agreement (JPA) with the US National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration, please visit icann.org/jpa.This ICANN announcement is also available from icann.org/announcements/announcement-2-03apr08.htm.

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