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New ICANN CEO Sets Out Key Goals Until Beijing Meeting

ICANN’s new CEO and president, Fadi Chehadé, has set out what he considers the key goals for himself and ICANN in the leadup to the next ICANN meeting in Beijing, China, to be held from 7 to 11 April.Chehadé thanks the ICANN community for the “warm welcome and expressions of support during [his] first weeks in this new role before setting out the key goals under the titles of operations excellence, internationalisation, evolving the multistakeholder model and affirmation of purpose.Chehadé noted Operations Excellence was ICANN’s highest priority. “When ICANN fulfills its operational mission with distinction, it will not only strengthen the Domain Name System of which we are stewards, it will also engender trust and confidence, which are crucial to enhancing understanding and support for our role,” he says.The three key goals for operations excellence are to deliver on on every aspect of the new gTLD program launch next year,” including continuing to develop the Trademark Clearing House. He says ICANN “must also execute the prioritisation draw, evaluations and pre-delegation tests flawlessly.”Other keys are ensuring relationships with brands, registries and registrars are well managed and developing a team to do this as well as planning “to reach consensus on a solid and enforceable Registrar Accreditation Agreement that is fair and balanced.”(3) We will institutionalize management disciplines and implement an automated management system to increase visibility and accountability. The new system will enhance our metrics for delivery of on-time and on-budget projects. Once the system is operational, we will proceed to re-organize ICANN staff under the new leadership team using a matrix structure integrating global/regional/local roles to enable the internationalization of ICANN’s mission and reduce departmental silos that hinder efficiencies.Enhanced engagement internationally with all stakeholders will continue to be a priority as well as encouraging dialogue among all stakeholders, such as with the new gTLD programme, and ensuring that stakeholders understand each other’s views.To check out Chehadé’s letter in full, go to: