ICANN Calls For Interests In Hosting Meetings From Mid-2016 To 2018

ICANN logoICANN has called for expressions of interests from potential hosts for meetings from June 2016 to October 2018.

Meetings in 2017 and 2018 will follow the new ICANN Meeting Strategy approved by the Board last November. The new strategy includes a unique format for each meeting throughout the year defined as Meeting A, Meeting B, and Meeting C.

The change has come about due to the growing demand for more sessions and meetings spread over more days has resulted in over-scheduled agendas and reduced opportunities for cross-community interaction.

So the proposal being implemented will see a 25 percent decrease in costs for meetings “B” and “C” each year.

Hosting Opportunities 2016

Event Dates Geographic Region Submission Deadline
ICANN56 27-30 June 2016 (Meeting B [PDF, 124 KB]) Latin America/Caribbean 1 May 2015
ICANN57 29 Oct – 4 Nov 2016 (Meeting C [PDF, 204 KB]) North America

Hosting Opportunities 2017-2018

Event Dates Geographic Region Submission Deadline
ICANN58 12-17 March 2017 (Meeting A [PDF, 194 KB]) Europe 30 June 2015
ICANN59 26-29 June 2017 (Meeting B [PDF, 124 KB]) Africa
ICANN60 28 Oct – 3 Nov 2017 (Meeting C [PDF, 204 KB]) Asia/Australia/Pacific
ICANN61 11-16 March 2018 (Meeting A [PDF, 194 KB]) North America
ICANN62 18-21 June 2018 (Meeting B [PDF, 124 KB]) Latin America/Caribbean
ICANN63 20-26 October 2018 (Meeting C [PDF, 204 KB]) Europe