ICANN in Puerto Rico – Day Two Wrap

On day two of the ICANN meeting in San Juan, Burke Hansen in The Register wrote of the RAA that has, he says, “forced ICANN into a bout of soul-searching, and the potential reform” with “wide-ranging debate about ICANN’s purpose and the rights of registrants to their domains” along with how to deal with the failure of a registry. Hansen wonders if it’s fair that most registrants treat their domain name as some form of property and “is it a correct reflection of intellectual property for no other reason than ICANN’s convenience”? Data escrow, registrar audits and enforcement of RAAs are also briefly covered.IDG also covered the RAA noting one of the issues is how to protect the privacy of data and data escrow. On the RAA, “Beau Brendler, director of Consumer Reports Webwatch, suggested that ICANN provide more information about registrars, including ratings, so that consumers can make better informed decisions when choosing one.” Stacy Burnette is quoted saying starting next month her team will publish a report twice a year with results from their registrar audits.Media coverage of day two that I can find is:
ICANN Mulls Registrar Changes (IDG)
ICANN is seeking ideas and opinions on ways to modify the agreement terms it enters into with Internet registrars to protect individuals and organizations that do business with them.
http://www.infoworld.nl/idgns/bericht.phtml?id=002570DE00740E1800257305007457A2RegisterFly: the name not to be spoken
The afternoon brought meatier fare – something a correspondent can sink his teeth into, so to speak. The RegisterFly debacle has forced ICANN into a bout of soul-searching, and the potential reform of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement provoked wide-ranging debate about ICANN’s purpose and the rights of registrants to their domains. It also raised the specter of how to respond to the failure of an actual registry, rather than a registrar. Susan Crawford, ICANN board member and moderator of the discussion, broached the question of whether an entire TLD could be allowed to fail, or rather should be maintained somehow in perpetuity.
http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/06/26/icann_raa_san_juan/After Registerfly meltdown, ICANN mulls registrar contract changes
ICANN is revamping its registrar agreement in order to better protect its customers from registrar disasters that could indefinitely hold up their domains.
http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070626-after-registerfly-meltdown-icann-mulls-registrar-contract-changes.htmlNew Domains in Works at ICANN Meet (AP)
ICANN has scheduled workshops this week to discuss procedures for additional domain suffixes in English; it would be the third major round and the first beyond a pilot since the domain name system was created in the 1980s. For straightforward strings in which no objection is raised, approval would come within three months.
http://www.newsfactor.com/story.xhtml?story_id=53322Domains in Cyrillic symbols may appear in one year
ICANN announced in a Tuesday opened its 29th International Public Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 25, 2007. New Internet addresses, including those entirely in foreign languages, are under review by the corporation, RBC reported.
http://english.newslab.ru/news/225540ICANN conference newsletter – day two

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