ICANN hears concerns about accountability, control

ICANN needs to take steps to ensure it cannot be taken over by governments and other outside entities, and it needs to create more ways to be held accountable to Internet users, constituents of the nonprofit organization said Wednesday reports IDG News Service.During a meeting in Washington D.C. concerns were expressed about an outside takeover of ICANN along with critiques of the organisation’s transparency. The article also notes that ICANN does not intend to sign a new oversight agreement with the US government, the current one expiring in a year.There are also some, such as NetChoice, a trade group representing several U.S. companies, including eBay, Yahoo, and Oracle that believe continued US government oversight may keep other nations from exerting control.There is also mention of ICANN’s proposal “to create a new way for the Internet community to petition the ICANN board to revisit a decision and also create a mechanism for removing the entire board, among other things.” But this is viewed as flawed by Jonathan Zuck, president of the Association for Competitive Technology.This IDG article is available from several sources including:

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