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ICANN Releases List Of gTLD Applications In Contention

ICANN Tuesday published the contention sets identified by the string similarity review for applications submitted as part of the New gTLD Programme. These contention sets are for those gTLD applications that are either identical or similar to other applications.In their review, ICANN found there were two non-exact match contention sets (.hotels/.hoteis and .unicorn/.unicom), 230 exact match contention sets and a total of 754 application in contention.So what does it all mean? .nxt note that “companies that have applied for the same name have been tentatively talking to one another about how to resolve the conflict, with some agreeing to work together, others negotiating an exit fee, and others agreeing to settle it through money – sparking a mini-industry in private auctions.”Originally ICANN had planned to release the contention sets in November, but it was repeatedly delayed, causing some angst among applicants who were worried their applications would be included, and how they would go about resolving the conflict.And that “in the end, ICANN has applied the most limited approach, greatly reducing the administrative burden on it as well as applicants. Ironically, it is likely to be that simplification that caused the delay in producing the contention sets.”.nxt concludes that “in recent months, new CEO Fadi Chehade has been streamlining ICANN’s cumbersome and overweening internal processes in an effort to get the much-delayed program moving forward. The listing of just four non-exact matches in the sets has Chehade fingerprints all over it.”ICANN will be updating the Current Application Status page on the new gTLD microsite to reflect these contention sets.Per the Applicant Guidebook, a contention set is a group of two or more applications containing identical or visually similar applied-for gTLD strings. For more information on string contention procedures, please refer to Module 4 [PDF, 428 KB] of the Applicant Guidebook.As a reminder, the objection filing period is open until 13 March 2013. For more information refer to the Objection & Dispute Resolution page.