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ICANN Announces First 27 gTLDs Pass Evaluation

ICANN Friday announced the first 27 generic Top Level Domains passed initial evaluation.The 27 approved gTLDs are all internationalised domain names, which ICANN have given priority to in the application process and are in the group of 30 that were slated to go through the initial evaluation process.The gTLDs include applications for .QatarTelecom and .Mozaic in Arabic script, applied for by The Ooredoo Group and supported by CentralNic’s DotBrand Solutions.”Not only are these the first generic TLDs in Arabic script, but they are also among the world’s first “DotBrand” domains. The Ooredoo Group is one of the first companies in the world to have their own brand names approved for use as TLDs. We will see this revolutionary trend continue with the approval of other DotBrand TLDs like .google, .apple and .sony in months to come,” said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic.Of the remaining three applications in the 30, they have not failed the application process but appear to be “Eligible for Extended Evaluation.” Reasons for this can include pending change requests, clarifying questions, or follow-up with applicants regarding missing information.For the applications that have passed and do not face objections or string contention, applicants are now eligible to proceed to contracting and execution of the Registry Agreement as early as 23 April 2013.