ICANN Fighting Fake Website Profiles

There are currently over 40,000 profiles on the icann.org website, but ICANN has become aware that many of these are fake despite instituting security measures like two-factor authentication and CAPTCHA. To date ICANN has deleted 6,000 fake profiles.

Registering on the ICANN site is open to anyone, but the number of fake profiles on icann.org is problematic – and is growing all the time. And the tools ICANN uses technological tools to ensure the authenticity of some profiles, these tools are insufficient to tackle the large volume of profiles. Unfortunately, ICANN say in a post on their blog they’re not in a position to dedicate sufficient resources to manage the current number of public profiles and the number of new profiles added each month.

The fake profiles promote inappropriate, obscene or potentially harmful content. The problem for ICANN is they’re inadvertently involved in promoting such objectionable content.

So as a short term “solution”, ICANN has decided to turn off the public aspect of profiles while they work on a longer term solution. The change will take place on 23 June. While the public aspect of profiles will be turned off, automated alerts will still be sent. New profiles will be able to be created however they also will not be public.

For more information, see the ICANN blog here.