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ICANN Nearing End Of Initial Evaluations

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoICANN’s Initial Evaluations of new gTLD application is nearing the end with 1,482 applications now having passed and ICANN up to 1,600 in the priority list out of a total of 1,930 applications. 105 applications passed their Initial Evaluation in the last week.

Of the 1,930 applications there have been 108 withdrawn including Microsoft’s application for .skydrive last week, due to the loss of a court case against British satellite broadcaster BSkyB. BSkyB accused Microsoft of infringing on their trademark and that the use of “SkyDrive” had caused confusion among the public.

While Microsoft originally said they would appeal the decision, they have “now agreed to change the name worldwide after a ‘transition period’”, according to a BBC News report. The application had already passed its Initial Evaluation.

Taking into account some of the applications withdrawn will yet to go through Initial Evaluation, there will be around 300 applications yet to go through the process meaning that ICANN should meet its target of finishing the evaluations by the end of August.