ICANN: Draft Criteria and Process for Selection of Multistakeholder Ethos Award Pilot Program

Brief Overview
ICANN logoPurpose (Brief): ICANN proposes establishment of a pilot award program to recognize ICANN community participants for both multistakeholder collaboration efforts as well as years of service.

Current Status: None
Next Steps: The goal is to present the first Multistakeholder Ethos Awards during ICANN 49 in Singapore.
Detailed Information
Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose: 

Called the ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Awards, the pilot program will seek to recognize those who have demonstrated service to the ICANN community as a whole. The ideal winner will have served in leadership roles multiple ICANN working groups or committees and collaborated with more than one supporting organization and/or advisory committee in a significant capacity. The recipient will also have been a participant in ICANN for at least five years.

We are also looking for some further, intangible qualities in our winners of the Multistakeholder Ethos Award. We will be looking for candidates who recognize and demonstrate the actual spirit of collaboration as shown through empathy and a sincere desire to engage with people from other backgrounds, cultures, and interests. They have demonstrated time and again their willingness to reach out to new people, to listen and really engage with others who do not share their viewpoints or interests. They will be known beyond their own constituency or stakeholder group as someone willing to have a true dialogue and work toward consensus.

Section II: Background: 

The concept of the Multistakeholder Ethos Award was introduced during the ICANN 48 Public Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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