ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance’s Submission to NETMundial

ICANN logoPurpose (Brief): To obtain feedback from the wider ICANN Community on the Contribution to NETMundial from the ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance

Current Status: Document posted for public comment

Next Steps: Upon conclusion of the public comment period, the CCWG on IG will take into consideration the feedback provided and use it to inform its actions moving forward.

Detailed Information

Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose:

On March 9th, 2014, the CCWG produced and submitted a document to the NETmundial meeting.

Community members discussed the CCWG submission with the community on March 24th, 2014 during a special public session at the ICANN Public Meeting in Singapore.

In addition to the community comments collected at the Singapore meeting, CCWG members have requested that the community be given a further opportunity to comment on the submission and react to developments at the NETmundial meeting.

Staff has created a special 21-day comment and 21-day reply comment period public comment forum for the purpose of collecting additional community feedback.

Comments submitted before the NETmundial meeting will be shared with the CCWG leadership to assist in preparation for the NETmundial meeting. Any comment or subsequent reply comments submitted will also be shared with the CCWG leadership. The forum will also act as a repository for community comments during and after the NETmundial meeting as a potential resource for the CCWG to support any follow-up work that may be prompted by the NETmundial meeting.

Section II: Background: 

About NETmundial:
In the same year that World Wide Web celebrates 25 years, Brazil hosts NETmundial – Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance. The meeting is organized in a partnership between the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br) and /1Net, a forum that gathers international entities of the various stakeholders involved with Internet governance.

This meeting will focus on the elaboration of principles of Internet governance and the proposal for a roadmap for future development of this ecosystem. The goal is to consolidate proposals based on these two topics. NETmundial represents the beginning of a process for the construction of such policies in the global context, following a model of participatory plurality.

Read more here: www.netmundial.org

About the CCWG on IG:
The CCWG is an ad-hoc group comprised of members of ICANN‘s Supporting Organizations (Address Supporting Organization – ASO; Country Code Domain Name Supporting Organization – ccNSO; Generic Names Supporting Organization – GNSO) and Advisory Committees (At-Large Advisory Committee – ALAC; Governmental Advisory Committee – GAC; and Security and Stability Advisory Committee – SSAC) as well as GNSO Stakeholder Groups and constituencies. This bottom-up process involved up to five people from each of these groups that comprise ICANN‘s volunteer community. The concepts expressed in this paper resulted from discussion on the CCWG’s mailing list, input provided through the CCWG Wiki space,1 and weekly conference calls from January – March 2014.

Due to time pressures, the proposals expressed in this contribution have not yet been reviewed by the respective SOs, ACs and SGs of ICANN. They are therefore the opinions solely of the authors. Further communication will advise the NETMundial Organizing Committee if such ratification occurs before the meeting in Brazil.

As the CCWG is commenting on ICANN, and on ICANN‘s role within the larger Internet Governance Ecosystem in preparation for a contribution to the NETMundial Conference, these comments should be viewed as preliminary and focused on the entities within the IG Ecosystem that we have been able to consider in the short timeframe for preparing this submission. It is possible that further collaboration may lead to changes and enhancements to the CCWG views.

Read more about the CCWG on IG here: blog.icann.org/2014/02/an-update-on-the-cross-community-working-group-on-internet-governance/

Section III: Document and Resource Links: 

View the CCWG contribution [PDF, 145 KB] for NetMundial.

Comment / Reply Periods (*)

  • Comment Open Date: 8 April 2014
  • Comment Close Date:29 April 2014 – 23:59 UTC
  • Reply Open Date: 30 April 2014
  • Reply Close Date: 21 May 2014 – 23:59 UTC