ICANN Considers IP Clearinghouse to Combat Cybersquatting

ICANN is considering implementing a centralised database of trademark holders, to cut down on questionable registrations of new domain names to help combat cybersquatting and to address concerns of business on the possible impact of the implementation of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), reports AP.The AP report says that “officials say the mechanism won’t preclude a new Web site from being created at, say, “apple.farm” by someone outside Apple Inc. But it would create hurdles. Backers of the idea say it is needed so trademark holders won’t have to spend thousands of dollars registering domain names defensively, to block someone from registering them and trying to profit.”The proposal is for a “central database, dubbed an IP Clearinghouse, [that] would unify those rules. And someone’s attempt to register a trademark under a new suffix would be automatically blocked, until the applicant could prove that its use is legitimate.”The proposal gained extensive discussion at the ICANN meeting held in Sydney in June with those representing trademark holders saying that while the system is not perfect, it was a reasonable compromise.To read the AP report in full, see: