ICANN celebrates ninth anniversary as master of your domain

ICANN’s ninth birthday, on 18 September, is celebrated in The Register. The Register says “As much as ICANN bends over backward to be inclusive – which it does these days – many will never forgive that fundamental flaw. ICANN continues to this day as a California nonprofit corporation, based in a suburb of Los Angeles and perched on a stretch of coastal landfill.”Other issues are how ICANN can be accountable with its “awkward, unwieldy structure” and “committees heaped upon committees, in an alphabet soup of bizarre acronyms” which “is only the outward manifestation of this inherent inner tension.”While The Register acknowledges there are those who will never be satisfied with its work, it says ICANN “may not be ideal, but it is what we’ve got, and ICANN’s imperfect attempts to involve the public in its decision-making process are nonetheless to be lauded.” The article concludes encouraging all to complete the recent customer satisfaction survey – available here.To read all of Burke Hansen’s article in The Register, go to www.theregister.co.uk/2007/09/18/icann_anniversary/

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