ICANN Calls for Applications for 2011 Meetings – But What About Vegas?

ICANN logoICANN has called for applications for upcoming meetings to be held in North America, Asia Pacific and Africa in 2011.

The proposed meetings are:

  • the 40th meeting to be held 13-18 March 2011 in North America
  • the 41st meeting to be held 19-24 June 2011 in Asia Pacific
  • the 42nd meeting to be held 23-28 October 2011 in Africa.

For the North American meeting, Kevin Murphy, writing on his Domain Incite, says ICANN should consider Las Vegas.

“ICANN is now almost 12 years old, it’s held almost 40 public meetings in diverse cities all over the planet, and it’s never been to Vegas. Not once.

“That’s got to change.”

Murphy reasons that ICANN “has got to be the only industry organization in the world to never convene there” and that “Vegas is the conference center of North America, if not the world.”

With rooms subsidised by hotels eager to get punters into the casinos, he reasons it should be cheaper than other options. Looking for a host, Murphy says “a domain name company with deep pockets, something to sell, and no particular queasiness about sponsoring a Sin City event” would be ideal. ICM Registry springs to Murphy’s mind given that it “will very likely be in the pre-launch stages of the .xxx TLD.”

But I am not sure that having “strippers at the Gala Event” would be a big seller given the political issues around an ICANN meeting. Would governments around the world be happy sending their staff to a function with strippers? It might not look good back home.

ICANN advises interested parties to review the Meeting Selection Criteria, which will be used to guide the evaluation of both community-recommended and ICANN-identified meeting locations. Elements such as cost of the meeting for ICANN and the community, convenience to international airports, availability of sufficient hotel guest rooms in or near the venue, meeting facilities, network infrastructure, personal safety of meeting participants, and total level of financial support will be considered by ICANN in making its final selection of a meeting site.

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