ICANN Heads Back To Buenos Aires For June 2015 Meeting

The ICANN board decided on 3 December the 53rd public meeting for the organisation will be held in Buenos Aires from 21 to 25 June.It will be the second time in less than two years ICANN will have headed back to the Argentinian capital having held the 48th meeting there in November 2013. With recent return trips to Singapore and London it appears, whether it be for cost, ease of organisation or other reasons, the adventurousness of options for ICANN meetings appears to be diminishing.The meeting has a budget of $1.5 million from the ICANN coffers.ICANN has also called for nominations to its Fellowship Programme for those interested in attending the Buenos Aires meeting from developing countries interested in the stable and secure operation of the Internet’s unique identifier system. The goals of the Fellowship Programme are to help broaden the base of knowledgeable constituents engaged in ICANN’s Multistakeholder process and to encourage the participation of new voices from around the world.The application process closes on 16 January 2015, with successful candidates announced on the ICANN website on 6 March 2015.