ICANN begins testing URLs with non-Roman characters

ars technica looks at the launch of IDNs in more detail than most media outlets, including reporting on a Wall Street Journal article that quotes a former member of the Egyptian government as saying that the change may be essential in getting “the next 10 percent” of his country online.The story also notes some controversy, with Unicode characters opening “a world of possibilities for phishers, who can use similar looking characters in different alphabets to spoof commercial domains”, something they also say ICANN is aware of, but that it’s not clear IDNs will add to this threat. ars technica notes the WSJ voices concerns of the balkanisation of the internet, something ars technica thinks absurd. The article concludes this internationalisation of TLDs is a step towards recognising the obvious – that people want to use an internet they recognise an understand.To read the full ars technica article, click here.

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