ICANN: Background Information Regarding Previous New GTLD Application Rounds

ICANN New Delhi logoIn planning for implementation of the new gTLD policy recommendations, and in response to inquiries form the ICANN community, ICANN is conducting a review of the status of applications from the New gTLD round in 2000 that were not selected for negotiations.

During the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles in 2007, ICANN’s General Counsel agreed to review references and information relating the prior gTLD applications. Below is a summary of relevant background material identified.

Interested parties should review this information and provide any additional information or provide corrections to the information provided. ICANN intends to consider this information in conjunction with the ongoing creation of implementation plans for the proposed new gTLD policy.

Any and all additional facts, information, comments or suggestions can be submitted to newgtld@icann.org.

The rest of this article is available on the ICANN website at icann.org/topics/background-info-newgtld-apps-13feb08.htm