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ICANN: Approved Launch Program Review Guidelines Available

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoThe guidelines ICANN will use to review Registry Operator (RO) applications for conducting an Approved Launch Program are now published.

Download the Application Review Guidelines [PDF, 29 KB]

ICANN announced the opening of the application process for Approved Launch Programs on 12 November 2013. If an RO’s application is approved, the new Registry will be allowed to conduct a registration process not otherwise permitted under the Trademark Clearinghouse Requirements [PDF, 168 KB] specified in the Registry Agreement. ICANN published the review guidelines to provide the community with additional clarity on the process for approving proposed Launch Programs.

The Approved Launch Program Process & Forms [PDF, 136 KB] include detailed application submission instructions. During the review process, ICANN may solicit additional information from the RO and/or publish the application for public comment.

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