ICANN announces lower hotel rates for Delhi meeting

Following unease over the costs of hotels for the upcoming ICANN meeting in Delhi, ICANN have announced they and the meeting local hosts have worked to achieve lower rates for participants. ‘This negotiation has taken some time, but we are now holding rooms at negotiated rates. These rates are still high, ranging from US$354 to over US$400, but they are cheaper than the published rates’ he said.However many of these cheaper rates can be held for a short period of time only given the demand for rooms in New Delhi. If rooms are not booked by ICANN participants, they will then be released to the general public.The advice from Mr Levins is to book soon if you want to take advantage of the lower rates.The schedule of events for the New Delhi meeting is currently being developed and will be posted on the meeting website at del.icann.org on 15 January 2008.For more information, see the ICANN announcement at icann.org/announcements/announcement-2-08jan08.htm

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