ICANN Announces Improvements to the Customer Service Portal

ICANN logoICANN has made improvements to the Customer Service Center (CSC) portal to increase security for applicants’ data.

Now that the CSC Portal is back online, you will notice the following changes:

  • To submit an inquiry to the CSC, applicants need to first log into Citrix at https://gtldapp.icann.org.
  • Non-applicants are able to contact the CSC via newgtld@icann.org.

Knowledge Base articles will be publically available early next week and easily accessible here https://crm-gtld.icann.org/portal-icann/.

A recent, proactive review of the CSC system identified potential vulnerabilities. To address these vulnerabilities, the CSC portal was taken offline while vendor-provided patches were applied. There have been no known compromises to any data.

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