ICANN 28th International Public Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

ICANN 28th International Public Meeting in Lisbon, PortugalICANN’s Lisbon conference has kicked off with around 900 people registered. Presentations to date have been held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Issues and presentations have covered gTLDs, the marketplace for expiring domain names domain name secondary market and RegisterFly.com. On day one, Saturday, presentations included a couple dealing with gTLDs. On Sunday presentations included an IPv6 tutorial and two presentations that are likely to be of interest to readers, one, a tutorial “How the Marketplace for Expiring Names Has Changed: Why names aren’t released and what is the impact on consumers and other interests? Are registrars becoming domain name portfolio owners?” and the other tutorial on “Domain Name Secondary Market: What makes a name worth thousands of dollars and how does this market work?” On Monday there was an ICANN public forum that covered areas such as the President’s Report, Operating Plan Consultation and the Issues Arising from Recent Experiences with RegisterFly. On RegisterFly, it was noted they’ve never received ICANN accreditation as a registrar. They applied to ICANN for accreditation but it was never granted – RegisterFly gained their accreditation through acquiring another entity. Coming up, for the first time the secretary-general of the International Telecommunications Union, Hamadoun Toure from Mali will attend on Friday, as well as a decision on the proposed .xxx TLD. For a link to this story with links to presentations and the conference website, click here.http://domainnews.com/general/0320070327/icann-28th-international-public-meeting-in-lisbon-portugal/

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