IBM Report: Viewers Shifting From TV To Internet Content

It was rather timely for VideoEgg’s Troy Young to invoke the name of IBM referring to the YouTube advertising news considering that The IBM Institute for Business Value just released a report that offers insightful data on the Internet media space. From April to June the Institute surveyed Internet users in North America, Australian, UK, Germany and Japan. Addressing the hotly contested market of Internet video versus broadcast television, the report states:Among consumer respondents, 19 percent stated spending six hours or more per day on personal Internet usage, versus nine percent of respondents who reported the same levels of TV viewing. 66 percent reported viewing between one to four hours of TV per day, versus 60 percent who reported the same levels of personal Internet usage. see:
Study: TV is taking a back seat to Web
Personal time that consumers spend on the Internet is rivaling their TV time, with user-generated content and networking sites among the most popular destinations for entertainment seekers, according to a new survey issued Wednesday. report:
IBM end of advertising survey results
The IBM Institute for Business Value provides strategic insights and recommendations that address critical business challenges to help clients capitalize on new opportunities. The Institute is comprised of consultants around the world who conduct research and analysis in 17 industries and across five functional disciplines, including human capital management, financial management, corporate strategy, supply chain management and customer relationship management. The report is available here:

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