IBM Interested in New gTLD

IBM, the global IT and IT services company, is likely to apply for their own gTLD when they become available according to a reading by Antony Van Couvering of their submission to ICANN’s comment forum on the fourth version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook.

Van Couvering notes a few prescient points in the IBM submission including that:

  • IBM is pleased that there will be no requirement for a sunrise period, which wouldn’t make any sense if the top-level domain were used for internal company purposes, and not sold to the public
  • IBM notes that as yet there is no requirement that .brand top-level domains must use registrars.

The only company to date that has openly expressed their interest in applying for a new gTLD is Canon, notably another IT company.

To read the full posting by Antony Van Couvering from Minds + Machines, see: