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Huge 3 Letter .COM Sale Tops “Weekly” Sales Chart

Domain Name Journal logoThe sale of for $2 million through Sharjil Saleem took out the honours on the Domain Name Journal’s chart of top reported sales for the fortnight ending 22 October. The domain name currently sits in equal second place on the chart for sales in 2017 behind only for $2.89 million and alongside, with both reported in May.

Coming in equal second on the chart for the fortnight was and, both selling for $100,000 through and BQDN respectively. Another big sale for the fortnight was which sold for $90,000 through NewReach. In many weeks each of these domain names would have topped the chart.

On the TLD side of things, .com dominated with 17 sales with one each for .org, .net and On the aftermarket outlets, it was quite a diverse bunch with Sedo and DomainMarket accounting for 5 each and Flippa 3.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of sales for the fortnight (usually week) ending 22 October in more detail, see: