.HT ccTLD Continues to Function Despite Impact of Haiti Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti this week telecommunication services have been hit hard, like all other aspects of infrastructure. However writing on the ICANN blog, Kim Davies says the .HT ccTLD has largely continued to function.In his posting, Davies says the .HT administrators “are alive and well” along with “other ICANN fellows in the country” have been contacted and accounted for.On the .HT infrastructure, Davies says that “some of the name servers for .HT are not reachable from outside Haiti due to significant damage to the local telecommunications infrastructure. Work is underway to re-establish Haiti’s links to the world through the Dominican Republic.”Despite these limitations, “some of the DNS infrastructure not working as expected, the DNS is a highly resilient protocol, and the .HT domain continues to function through a number of sites located outside of Haiti. Haiti’s name server partners are aware of the situation and also taking additional measures so that should technical reachability of Haiti deteriorate, function of .HT can continue uninterrupted.”As Davies says, a “functioning telecommunications can make a real difference in recovering from a major natural disaster. The naming and numbering infrastructure is just a small piece of this, but we want to be sure it continues to function so that it is not the obstacle that prevents people communicating.The full posting by Kim Davies is available from:

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