Howzat! Premium “Cricket” Domain Names Up for Grabs

WG Grace statue and Thomas Lord roller in the Coronation Garden photoA list of 50 domain names, described by the owners as having the ability to “control cricket in the future around the World” when developed into websites, are up for sale.

Top scoring for a Bradmanesque $99,500 is while,, are all available for around $49,500. Or you can purchase the whole 50 domain names for $698,980.

To see the complete list, go to

There is a news release below with the usual gobbledygook about why these domain names offer great opportunities if you’re really really interested.

Cricket Headquarters Sells The ‘Fabulous 50’ Top Cricket Web Site Names in The World Are For Immediate Sale Including Cricket Headquarters

This week sees an unique release for sale of arguably the world’s most prestigious collection of cricket domain names ready for immediate web sites.

The businesses, aptly named Cricket Headquarters, states these domain names, when created into web sites and optimized well, can control cricket in the future around the World.

Commenting on this announcement, Mr Tony Young, International Sales Manager of Cricket Headquarters, stated, “Over the past 12 years we have amalgamated over 50 of the very best cricket domain names which we proudly call ‘The Fabulous 50’.

The aim of the 50 domain names is to have web sites that rank at the top of major generic and nonspecific search engines, and cover every major element of the sport of cricket,

Additionally we have created and combined almost all the web site names that people searching cricket on the internet will type into their browser.

Cricket is one of fastest growing sports in the World, and we are proud to be at the forefront of cricket on the internet, definitely the cricket media of the future”, concludes My Young.

Amongst the domain names are ones that can command future live cricket on the Internet, plus ones assisting to form major International Cricket Search Engines.

These Cricket Search Engines are ready for immediate inauguration and can make substantial listing revenue within a month of commencement.

The total cost of the combined package of the over 50 premium domain names, all the essential and imperative dot com (.com) ending ones, has been set at US$698,980 with individual domain names being valued from $1,650 to $99.500 for the all important domain. Vendor Finance is available.

Further details can be seen on the web site

For further information, please contact Mr Tony Young Email: hq(at) or Telephone: +61 7 3832 5566.