How’d This LOLcat Get on My Flat-Screen? Google TV may change the boob tube forever. But does the Internet really make for must-see TV?

Poor TV. I feel for you. The tech and media titans aren’t going to let you become quaint like radio. Maybe you were looking forward to living out your golden years relishing the awesomeness of shows like “Lost” and “Mad Men.” “Avatar” ain’t got nothing on “The Wire,” right? It would be a retirement at the top. Time to recline in the Barcalounger, pull on a Snuggie, fire up the Pop Secret and gracefully watch this Internet upstart close out the rest of the century as the new medium of the masses.But they couldn’t let you rest, could they? Even after they injected you with a dozen HBOs and ESPNs, shrank you down to a razor-thin panel that could slice an Eames lounger in half, crammed you with Snooki and the Situation, they couldn’t stop. You got plugged into the inevitable. You got jacked into the Internet.I know. This wasn’t the first time they force-fed you the World Wide Web. Microsoft attempted it in the mid-’90s with WebTV. And it tried it a decade later with Windows Media Center. (Actually, it’s still trying it with Windows Media Center.) And over the past few years you’ve come preloaded with apps that do things like stream Netflix movies — pretty great — and ones that tell you stock prices and the weather — not so great. Haven’t these guys heard of the Weather Channel? But now it’s Google’s turn — the search giant is on a re-branding mission. You are no longer just TV. You are now Google TV.To read this Wall Street Journal report in full, see:

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