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How Will Brands Use Their New gTLDs: Wolfe

Brands are certain to begin using their new gTLDs in coming months, and according to one expert on new gTLDs and branding, the auto industry is likely to be one of the early adopters with billboard advertising.”Imagine driving down the highway when you might see this billboard: or,” wrote Jennifer Wolfe on the ClickZ blog.”Automakers can begin to launch new campaigns in television, print, and other traditional advertising using their exclusive addresses such as or,” Wolfe continues. “Local dealerships will be authenticated with their unique address, authorizing only approved dealerships or repair shops. For example: or Most notably, as automakers are building out content-driven advertising on YouTube, they can use their new digital real estate to build out content channels with creative, viral campaigns.”Samsung and Toshiba have also applied and “may soon build out their digital experiences, tapping into the power of the platform.” Wolfe says companies such as these may roll out new products “in ads with or or even more generics like”It is likely smaller brands will also use the new gTLDs, but in different ways. They won’t have their own gTLD, but as Wolfe writes “you may soon be sitting in a New York cab when you see the local news on the screen ending with, ‘Find us online at’ or ‘’ The next time you order a pizza in the Big Apple, on the box may be or”And then there’s Google who applied for 101 TLDs, “most of which they use to sell Web addresses to businesses and consumers to provide more unique and personal identity than in the generic .com space. What could you do with your .dad or .how site? Just in time for Father’s Day, Build a site dedicated to him at”To read Jennifer Wolfe’s post in full on the ClickZ site, go to: