How we keep Search relevant and useful by Danny Sullivan

When you come to Google Search, our goal is to connect you with useful information as quickly as possible. That information can take many forms, and over the years the search results page has evolved to include not only a list of blue links to pages across the web, but also useful features to help you find what you’re looking for even faster. Some examples include featured snippets, which highlight results that are likely to contain what you’re looking for; Knowledge Panels, which can help you find key facts about an individual or other topic in the world; and predictive features like Autocomplete that help you navigate Search more quickly.

Because these features are highlighted in a unique way on the page, or may show up when you haven’t explicitly asked for them, we have policies around what should and should not appear in those spaces. This means that in some cases, we may correct information or remove those features from a page.

This is quite different from how we approach our web and image search listings and how those results rank in Search, and we thought it would be helpful to explain why, using a few examples.

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