How Unconscionable is the Profit That Verisign Makes from Its Registry? by John Levine

John Levine is concerned about the amount of money, and profit, VeriSign makes from the .COM and .NET registries. He asks if we can we tell how much they make, and how much that might change if the CFIT lawsuit succeeds? He says “it’s not hard to make some estimates from public information.”Comparing the figures between “the largest gTLD registry that VeriSign doesn’t run”, .ORG, “which was transferred a few years ago to the Public Internet Registry (PIR) which pays Afilias to run the registry, and uses whatever is left over to support the Internet Society (ISOC) to figures that are publicly available regarding VeriSign’s management of .COM and .NET.Levine concludes “we can estimate that VeeriSign’s profit is about double what it would be if there’d been a competitive bid to run the registry like there (sort of) was for .NET.”To read Levine’s article in full on Circle ID, see: