How to Get Started with IDNs – 14 Tips, Techniques and Resources

How does becoming wealthier than Frank Schilling sound? So asks Domain Bits with their guide that includes 14 tips and techniques, with some resources. Frank Schilling is the most successful individual domainer in the world with a portfolio of about 300,000 names and an estimated revenue of US$20 million dollars per year. He has received several 9-figures offers for his portfolio.

Yet according to long-time IDN investor and IDN expert David Wrixon, “[t]here are IDN investors out there that will make Frank Schilling look like an amateur.” When it comes to making money in domaining, there are many strategies. But if you are looking to capitalize on one strategy that holds a lot of potential, you should check out IDNs. Although you may never be as successful as Schilling, the timing for getting into IDNs is good.

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