How Telnic Will Revolutionize Dialing

The startup’s technology will let users store complete contact info on a new .tel domain — and make it available to whomever they chooseSay you want to reach an old friend who’s always on the move. Calling her at home using the number listed in the phone book (what a quaint notion!) probably won’t work. But how else can you find the various other ways to reach her — via mobile, or at work, or perhaps e-mail, instant messaging, Skype, Facebook, or Twitter addresses?Enter Telnic, which is aiming to become the Google of online address books in competition with traditional yellow and white pages. The London-based startup has developed technology that lets anyone store the full range of their contact details online and then give chosen people access to it. “It is a bit like an interactive business card on the Web that you can change and give to anyone so they can reach you,” says Justin Hayward, Telnic’s communications director. The service is slated to go live in December.

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