How registrars tackle domain name abuse

Cybercriminals worldwide are amassing domain names to keep their botnet and phishing operations a step ahead of authorities, reports Network World as part of a report on crime involving domain names.”To obscure their tracks, the criminals register the domain names using phony information, pay with stolen credit cards and hack into legitimate domain-name accounts. Adding to the problem of domain-name abuse, some rogue registrars often look the other way as the money rolls in.”The article describes how cybercriminals are global, using a registrar in one country, webhosting in another and a registry in another.Neustar’s methods of tackling domain name abuse are also outlined. “Three years ago, Neustar hired a legal team to handle domain abuse questions and set up an internal, isolated networking lab to make determinations to a “near certainty” about a domain name being used for objectionable purposes, says Jeff Neuman, vice president of law and policy at Neustar.”And while ICANN has more formal processes, Neuman believes this may eventually change.The article also describes how .CN “has emerged as a popular choice for domain-name abuse.”To read this Network World report in full, see: