How a local domain name can drive more traffic to your hospitality business

Foodies are proud of their cities and neighbourhoods and love nothing more than sharing their local dining experiences with friends.

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Restaurants are tuned into this hyper-local word of mouth and know that it is more valuable than many advertising campaigns. But with social media and New Top-Level domains (TLDs), word of mouth is moving online.

Bringing the buzz online

As the foodie scene continues to boom it becomes increasingly difficult to make your restaurant or cafe stand out from the crowd online. And hospitality businesses often find it very difficult to translate their local word-of-mouth buzz into website clicks.

You might be so hot right now in Melbourne or Sydney, but what if a quick Google search reveals you share a name with a diner in Chicago? And worse, they rank above you on search engines?

.sydney and .melbourne domain names

One way you can stand out and increase traffic to your website is to use a .sydney or .melbourne domain name.

These tie into a trend where users are becoming accustomed to adding their city into search queries. Users can get city-specific information and avoid the clutter about similar events or businesses in other cities or other countries.

When St Kilda Burger Bar was looking for a short, punchy domain name that included its location it came up short, until it snagged the superb address:

“With a .melbourne domain name,” says owner Rabih Yanni “we were able to achieve this [shorter name] while aligning our business online with everything that is loved about Melbourne and burgers. We could not do this under other domain name options.”

Short, punchy domain names

For Sam Peasnell of Dexter Meat & Buns, the number one motivator when looking for a domain name was brevity, but this isn’t always something you can do with a .com domain. For example, if he’d registered it would be unwieldy, hard to read, and wouldn’t geo-target consumers at the city level.

“The biggest motivating factor for is that we could have the name ‘Dexter’ on its own,” said Mr Peasnell “To have something new, to have something cool and something that sums up our brand in two small words is invaluable for our business.”

Using a local Top-Level Domain name has really made both St Kilda Burger Bar and Dexter stand out online. Instead of being yet another long domain name lost in cyberspace they’ve become part of a hyper-local online community that reflects their civic pride and neighbourhood standing. This gives them the opportunity to take the buzz from their passionate foodie regulars and share it with everyone in the city who is looking for dining inspiration online.

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