How laptops took over the world

The rise of portable computing has forced companies to rethink how they let staff work – and is shifting the balance of power in the IT industryIn January 2003, Steve Jobs announced to a slightly surprised Macworld audience that “this is going to be the year of the notebook for Apple”. There was a clear ambition to push up the sales of portables – on which margins tend to be better than on desktops.Jobs was right in spotting an unstoppable trend: the rise of the laptop. This is a category that now includes not just “notebooks”, as Apple always refers to them, but also, since 2008, the smaller “netbooks”. As Moore’s Law – a halving of cost for the same spec – has applied to processors, RAM and even disk storage, laptops have become not just an interesting option for a second computer, but the primary machine for a lot of people.

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