How Internet of Things Solutions Can Better the Environment

COVID-19 forced individuals globally to stay inside, which had a significant positive impact on the environment, ranging from improved air quality, cleaner rivers and less noise pollution to undisturbed and calm wildlife. As restrictions continue to ease, there needs to be a focus on environmental awareness as we return to “normal” day-to-day activities. What will happen to our planet when restrictions are no longer in place? Who can play a role in protecting our world?

Individuals can play a part in changing damaging habits by recycling, reducing their carbon footprint and repurposing household items for alternative uses. At the same time, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can significantly benefit the planet and are being leveraged across the world to help reduce environmental impacts and remedy challenges facing the global community. Companies and organizations alike are committed to developing solutions that improve environmental consciousness and conserve resources—which, in turn, enable a better world.

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