How I became a Foursquare cyberstalker

It’s the coolest social networking tool in the world. But is the geo-location app Foursquare a stalker’s dream? Just how easy it is to uncover the intimate details of a complete stranger’s life?Louise has straight, auburn hair and, judging by the only photograph I have of her, she’s in her 30s. She works in recruitment. I also know which train station she uses regularly, what supermarket she shopped at last night and where she met her friends for a meal in her home town last week. At this moment, she is somewhere inside the pub in front of me meeting with colleagues after work.Louise is a complete stranger. Until 10 minutes ago when I discovered she was located within a mile of me, I didn’t even know of her existence. But equipped only with a smartphone and an increasingly popular social networking application called Foursquare, I have located her to within just a few square metres, accessed her Twitter account and conducted multiple cross-referenced Google searches using the personal details I have already managed to accrue about her from her online presence. In the short time it has taken me to walk to this pub in central London, I probably know more about her than if I’d spent an hour talking to her face-to-face. She doesn’t know it yet, but Louise is about to meet her new digital stalker. see:The night I was cyberstalked on Foursquare
I was sitting in a restaurant with friends, when I was told by the manager that there was a phone call for me . . .I work in online marketing and it’s no secret that I blog, tweet and check in on Foursquare. Social media is largely responsible for some of my closest friendships. I’ve never felt unsafe participating and generally trust that the community will police itself and follow the unwritten rules. But sometimes I don’t think about the consequences.Then I had a bit of a wake-up call.We had just been seated at a table at a local restaurant when the manager came by and asked if anyone was named Shea Sylvia. I nodded and she said I had a phone call. At first, I thought it was some sort of joke. A friend must have also been there or maybe Aaron was surprising me with something.

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