How do you solve a problem like Yahoo?

What is Yahoo? It’s the question successive chief executives seem to have been unable to answer in any convincing way. Despite defining the first online experiences of many through its email service and news portal, Yahoo has squandered that early start in 1995, with every restructure, every redesign, every reassurance that Yahoo is still in the game seeming less convincing.Yahoo is expected to lay off around 650, or 5% of its workforce of 14,100. The victims are expected to largely come from its US staff’s products group. It is the fourth round of layoffs in three years, it is the latest move by a management desperate to be seen to be turning the company around. see:A Key Figure in the Future of Yahoo
“I shouldn’t make a comment on that,” said Masayoshi Son, the usually voluble serial entrepreneur who is one of the richest men in Japan. “It’s too delicate a question. Too sensitive right now.”We had been chatting for some time on the 26th floor of the headquarters of his company, Softbank, seated in a conference room that offered sweeping views of Tokyo Bay. What had caused Mr. Son to turn cagey all of a sudden?

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