Hot topics of NZ’s NetHui 2017: Policies and social implications, New technologies

How should we run our Internet in a way that is inclusive and as safe as possible for everyone? How do we rebalance rights and interests that new Internet enabled technologies imbalance? What implications could the Internet have on our society, and our rules and norms for living together?

There’s a really neat cluster of topics on the NetHui 2017 programme that are grappling with these very questions in different ways. Just like all of the NetHui programme, these discussions would benefit from as many different viewpoints coming together as possible – so if these sound interesting to you, then come along next week.

Here’s a taster of some of these tricky policy and social challenge topics on the agenda:

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Hot topics of NetHui 2017: New technology
Many of the programme sessions at this year’s NetHui are devoted to exploring new Internet-enabled technologies. If you’ve been wondering what these techs are and what they may mean for all of us here in Aotearoa New Zealand, then read on!

One of the ways the Internet is described is as the driving force behind a “fourth industrial revolution” – that by adding connectivity, that a new technology-driven step change is already starting to occur across nearly all facets of our economic and social lives. That change creates opportunities and risks; it enables new business models while disrupting some age-old cultural norms; it can be exciting as much as it can be scary sometimes.

New Zealand is right on the front line of these innovations, and our increasingly world-class Internet infrastructure is helping New Zealanders explore what these technologies could be capable of. And that’s what this cluster of NetHui topics are all about:

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