Hong Kong plans a ‘Wireless Lifestyle’

Hong Kong today unveiled the Government’s plan to adopt the ‘wireless lifestyle’, at the ‘Wireless Lifestyle Conference 2008’.Set up in 2004, the HK Government of Chief Information Office aimed to take a proactive and leading role in fostering IT development within the Government and in the community.In the opening remarks of today’s Conference, Alfred Ng (picture), Hong Kong’s assistant government chief information officer, spoke about the various technology enablers, which include “server-based technologies such as RFID, location-based technologies such as GPS, and wireless and mobile technologies such as MSC [Mobile Switching Center], 3G, Wi-fi, and WiMax.”To read the rest of this story, see www.computerworld.com.sg/ShowPage.aspx?pagetype=2&articleid=7881&pubid=3&tab=Home&issueid=126.

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