Honduran Govt Criticised for Takeover of .HM Management

The Honduran government has informed the .HM ccTLD manager, RDS-HN, they must hand over the management of the ccTLD to CONATEL as CONATEL has not signed any agreement with any public or private entity to manage .HN domain names.On 25 September, Honduran government employees went to the offices of RDS-HN to advise that RDS-HN did not have the authority to manage the ccTLD and ordered an immediate suspension of the service.RDS-HN was ordered to immediately suspend any activities relating to the registration and delegation of new .HN domain names and that RDS-HN must give CONATEL a list of .HN domain names.The government officials acted under Article 79B of the Regulations of the Telecommunications Act (2002). This rule says that “CONATEL controls the regulation and administration of the domains and IP directions within the national territory. CONATEL will be able to take the necessary measures so that the administration of domains and IP addresses can be executed through from other public or private institutions, for which agreements will be signed and the corresponding regulations will be issued.”The government’s move has been criticised by the Latin American and Caribbean ccTLD Association (LACTLD). LACTLD criticised “the request made by the Government of Honduras to take in a sudden and abrupt way the operation .HN due to the fact that it will be detrimental to the users of domain name system in Honduras which primarily require stability for the adequate access of Internet resources.”A more detailed statement on the suspension of RDS-HN’s .HN domain management services from the LACTLD is available from lactld.org/News_Item.2009-09-28.9048048483.

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