Hollywood Loses SOPA Story – In Piracy Debate, Even Chief Lobbyist Dodd Is Muzzled

The entertainment industry moved to counter growing opposition to antipiracy bills that seemed certain to be laws just weeks ago. But its efforts appeared to have little effect as a number of congressional leaders dropped their support for the legislation.Several Republican senators, including Orrin Hatch of Utah, John Cornyn of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida, said Wednesday they couldn’t support the legislation in its current form.To read this Wall Street Journal report in full, see:
online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204555904577168843130020190.htmlAlso see:Senators drop support of piracy bill after protests
Support for two online piracy bills in Congress appeared to wane Wednesday after opponents of the legislation staged a dramatic protest in which vast swaths of the Web effectively went dark.Visitors to Wikipedia who tried to search the online encyclopedia’s usually trivia-filled pages were instead greeted by a message informing them that the bills could “fatally damage the free and open Internet.” On Craigslist, those looking to search the classifieds had to first read through a note urging them to contact their representatives to block the bills. And while you could still run searches on Google, a black censorship bar blocked the area where a cheery Google Doodle logo normally resides.
www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/senators-drop-support-of-piracy-bill-after-protests/2012/01/18/gIQA848M9P_story.htmlGoogle says 4.5 million people signed anti-SOPA petition today
When Google speaks, the world listens.And today, when Google asked its users to sign a petition protesting two anti-piracy laws circulating in Congress, millions responded.A spokeswoman for Google confirmed that 4.5 million people added their names to the company’s anti-SOPA petition today.

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