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HKIRC Launches .hk LOCK: Better protection for .hk websites as the Internet becomes less secure

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation - HKIRC - logo[news release] Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) today announced the launch of .hk LOCK, a new security measure for .hk domain name owners. Through the service, .hk domain name owners will have the ability to lock their domain name server (DNS) records and prevent any unauthorised changes. By offering this service, HKIRC aims to deliver an additional layer of security for .hk domain names to make .hk websites safer, contributing to a more secure and trusted place for online business. Rising cyber security threats pose challenges to every organisation. A recent spate of high profile international incidents involving unauthorised access to domain name records has drawn attention to big names like The New York Times, Google and Yahoo. Visitors to the affected sites were redirected to various fraudulent websites. These have highlighted the need for additional security measures at the DNS level. Attacks from the outside are not the only threat to the security of the DNS. In some instances employees made errors to domain name records unintentionally, opening the website up to the same harmful effects that come from cyber-attacks. Unexpected changes of domain name records, whether made inside or outside the organisation, may result in the loss of confidential information, impacting the business and ruining a brand’s reputation. “MarkMonitor applauds HKIRC for adding registry lock functionality with .hk LOCK, an important protection that benefits the entire Internet community by increasing the security of the .hk namespace. As a registrar charged with safeguarding the domain name portfolios for some of the world’s largest global brands and most-trafficked Internet properties, MarkMonitor has continually recommended this Best Practice to all registry operators for implementation as an additional safeguard available to domain name owners.” said Matt Serlin, Vice President of Domain Management of MarkMonitor Inc. “A domain name is the digital asset that represents a company online. Protecting domain names should be a key priority for any company, especially for high traffic websites and large corporations, where the domain name is a critical part of their business. The .hk LOCK is an essential tool to manage the potential risks and better secure business in an unsecured world. Looking ahead, HKIRC will continue to innovate and promote other security measures, and work together with others to help prepare against possible threats and safeguard .hk domain name for a more secure future”, said Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC. About .hk LOCK The .hk LOCK offers an additional protection to prevent .hk domain names from unauthorised changes. It is a security process that is purposely designed for requiring human interactions through traditional channel to authorise a change. Each change request will be verified by HKIRC’s human-to-human contact. Only the authorised individuals who are validated can gain access to .hk domain name records to lock, unlock and relock the domain name. After successfully completing the authentication process, the domain name record will be protected from unwanted modifications, transfers and deletions, ensuring web traffic is directed to the intended web addresses. For more information, please view here. This service is only available to .hk domain name owners through their accredited registrars. This news release was sourced from here.