Historical First Batch of .Asia Auctions Completed with Success

DotAsia logoAuctions to watch: “iphone.asia”, “levis.asia”, “power.asia” and more!

DotAsia Organization is pleased to announce today the historical smooth completion of the first batch of domain auctions for the .Asia “Sunrise” (i.e. priority registration period intended for intellectual property rights owners). The auctions proved to be a massive success in contrast to previous chaotic rushes for domain names that leave brand owners frustrated. The average winning price for the first batch of contended auctions netted over US$1500.00 per domain, with high bids for domain names reaching beyond a few ten-thousand dollars, signifying great interest from companies to invest into the new .Asia cyberspace. A total of over 600 domain names received more than one application during the first phase of Sunrise (Sunrise 2a) which totaled around 15,000 applications. The remaining phases of the .Asia Sunrise is currently ongoing and is scheduled to close on January 31, 2008. This is the last chance for trademark owners around the world and registered companies in Asia to protect their names in .Asia before open public registrations (“Landrush”) begin on February 20, 2008.

Mr. Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia said, “This is the first time ever an auction system is being used to resolve contention of domain name applications during the startup of a global top level domain registry. Unlike in the past where companies have to cram and rush in a chaotic race for the domains they want, the auction process allows a more rational, fair and calm approach. Companies are showing a great interest and willingness to retain the domain name of their choice.”

Some of the highlights of the auction action in the first week include www.tyco.asia‘s bidding price which reached a surprising US$7600.00, whereas “extra.asia” closed at an equally surprising price of just US$10.00. Still ongoing auctions include “parliament.asia” with a current bid at US$5,200.00, and “next.asia” at US$1050.00. Other names “to watch” that will go into auction include well known brands such as “levis.asia” and “iphone.asia”. A live auction ticker is located on DotAsia’s website: www.registry.asia.

“As anticipated, some of the really good names may go for a very small price, along with other surprises. The launch of .Asia truly opens up the chance for companies and domain investors alike to enter the rapidly growing Asia market.” Chung added, “It is not too late to make your investment in the most prestigious cyber real estate in Asia, and the land of opportunities that await your exploitation seldom come much better than this.”

This news release was originally sourced from the DotAsia website at dotasia.org/pressreleases/DotAsia-PR-2008-01-25_EN.pdf