HFC cable upgrade halt puts Telstra in for NBN role

Telstra has put on ice an extension to the upgrade of a high-speed cable network that was touted as an alternative to the $43 billion national broadband network, reports The Age.The decision will increase speculation that Telstra will choose to throw its lot in with the Federal Government’s proposed network rather than compete with it.To read this report in The Age in full, see:
www.theage.com.au/business/upgrade-halt-puts-telstra-in-for-nbn-role-20091020-h70h.htmlAlso see:Conroy fuels a rural fibre fire
The Federal Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has thrown the debate over the $43 billion national broadband network into disarray by implying the Government will retain part of a copper network he has previously said is decaying by the day.At a Senate estimates committee hearing on Monday, Senator Conroy pledged the 98 per cent of the population with access to a fixed telephone line would maintain it after the network was built, “through a variety of policy mechanisms”.

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