Domain Investor Now Head of Registrar Committee at Coordination Center for TLD .RU

RU Coordination Center logoA Domain Investor is Now the Head of the Registrar Committee at the Coordination Center for TLD .RU
Robert Gledenov and especially his brother Denis became famous in Russian Internet in the 2000s as skilful domainers. A year ago, more than 100 000 domains were tied to the well-known in the narrow circles and servers. Even now in some domains these addresses come up with an anonymous In this large list are –,,,,,,,,,,

After the court decisions the Gledenovs had to give away such domains as (2004), (2006), (2010).

From the last deal it is worth mentioning the transition of the domain According to the information of The Marker Russian online newspaper back in November 2011 this domain was listed in the server This winter the address went under control of the Skolkovo Foundation supervised by Viktor Vekselberg, Russian oligarch. The sum of the deal is not being hidden. Denis Gledenov denies the deal at all.

Robert Gledenov became a lobbyist

Chairman of the Registrar Committee of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU is elected annually. Before this position was occupied by the General Director of registrar Naunet SP LLC Andrey Kondakov. One of the market players says that Robert was elected independently and not because of his activities in the past.

In a conversation with The Marker Gledenov said that first problems he was going to solve would be domain dispute procedures and secondary market. These working groups have already been formed by the Coordination Center.

“I know domain name registration process from A to Z. There is a lot of work to do to stabilize, develop and promote the industry. And no one is doing it. But the industry has to keep up with the times. That’s why I was elected by the majority of the 26 registrars“, – explained Gledenov his election.

Among his tasks he sees the prevention of scandals as in a case with the launch .РФ TLD.

Speaking about domaining business that somebody still consider as cybersquatting, Gledenov said he had not been involved in the domain name deals for many years. Gledenov added that many registrars took part in such activities, registering domains to be released for themselves and organizing the auctions after that for these names. Gledenov, being the head of Salenames niche registrar, added it was a normal practice, because the domain name registration was a low-margin business, which was considered to be an annex of the hosting services.

The market reaction

The colleagues in the largest local registrar company, RU-CENTER, reacted positively to the election: “We welcome any choice of the Registrar Committee. New chairman is always a new vector of focus for the entire registrar community,“ – said Andrey Vorobyev, the head of PR and GR of RU-CENTER. – We hope that the new chairman will do more than his predecessor and will be able to reverse the existing tensions on the market today.“

“Robert moves the whole system to democratization, – says anonymously a representative of another registrar. – He has been demanding the resolve of the organizational issues in the Coordination Center for months. And now becoming a registrar, he nominated himself as a candidate for the election. The work results of Kondakov don’t satisfy him, as well as the recent actions of Andrey Kolesnikov (the director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU)“.

There are people who are not agree with the election of Gledenov. According to the The Marker, one of the registrars considers the staff reshuffle doubtful because of the Gledenov’s activities in the “domain investments”. The expert fears the changing of the rules towards domainers‘ or even cybersquatters’interests. On the other hand, it is quite often when domainers become those people who decide important things on the Internet.

A Russian version of this article originally appeared in The Marker magazine –