Have a CERTs – attending GovCert.NL Symposium in the Netherlands by Milton Mueller

This week I attended the GovCert.NL Symposium in the Netherlands. This is the 6th annual gathering of “Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and other experts in Internet security and privacy. About 50% of the participants were Dutch, I would guess, and maybe 85% from Europe, although there were attendees from as far away as the USA, Japan and Australia. There were some fascinating presentations, including an analysis of the role of money mules in phishing scams, analyhsis of a new “man in the middle”-style attack on banks, attempts by governments to implement digital identity systems, a detailed recounting of the Estonian “cyber riot” that temporarily crippled the Internet in that country, advocacy for Bitfrost, a new operating system platform based on new privacy/security assumptions, and, oh, a very interesting discussion of the Whois-privacy problem in ICANN.There were two take-away messages. One is the astounding degree to which Europeans take privacy more seriously than people in the US. … The other takeaway was the degree to which CERTs constitute an informal “network form” of global governance, which melds academic, governmental, industry and advocacy stakeholders.To read all of Milton’s post, see blog.internetgovernance.org/blog/_archives/2007/10/20/3304029.html

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