.hamburg joins the list of possible new gTLDs

Another candidate for a gTLD has joined the list of possible new gTLDs with dotHAMBURG throwing their hat into the ring for the gTLD .hamburg when ICANN invites applications for new gTLDs.A goal of the initiative is the creation of a local identity for Hamburg citizens on the internet, to strengthen the feeling of community for the city and increase the attractiveness and accessibility of Hamburg as a place to business. They also believe it will help to demonstrate Hamburg is a modern city with a high quality of living.The founder and head of the initiative, Hamburg lawyer Oliver Süme said he is pleased to announce the dotHAMBURG initiative at the ICANN meeting in Cairo this week. He also hopes, with the initiative now public, to be able to gain more supporters for project going into the application process.More information on dotHAMBURG, in German and English, is available from dothamburg.de.

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